Schramm’s | Black Agnes | 14% | Mead


Boysenberry mead, made with whole boysenberries and Michigan honey, from Schramm’s Meadery. 1 x 375ml bottle.

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Our sweet black currant mead, Black Agnes, is named after one boisterous Scottish wench who successfully defended the Scottish Castle of Dunbar during a five-month siege by William Montague, the Earl of Salisbury. While relatively unknown in the United States, black currants have been grown in the British Isles for more than five hundred years, and used by herbalists since the Middle Ages. Sharply tart and acidic, the potent flavours of the fruit are perfectly balanced by the sweetness of premium honey to create a particularly unique, memorable and delicious mead. Schramm’s Mead are from Michigan and they’re a must try.

14% ABV.

1x 375ml bottle.


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