Equilibrium Tasting 18/09 1900-2100


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EQUILIBRIUM TASTING AT SUDS 7pm – 9pm 18/09/2020

The recent influx of Equilibrium cans into the country are a bit of a wallet basher aren’t they? If you bought all 7 offerings from us they would set you back nearly £100!!!

We’ve therefore decided a tasting would be the best way for you to try one of the most celebrated and hyped hoppy breweries in the World. They rarely venture over into the UK, especially during a global pandemic.

For £30 you can try 6 DIPAs and 1 IPA and we’ll throw in some food too. Portions will be well sized and you can try other things in addition if you want.

~ dHop15 – 8.2% Double NEIPA ~ Harvester of Waves – 8.5% Double NEIPA w/ lactose

~ Fluctuation – 8.1% Double NEIPA ~ Lupo Lab – 8.5% Double NEIPA ~ MC2 – 8% Double NEIPA

~ This is Strata – 8% Double NEIPA w/ strata ~ Wavelength – 6.5% NEIPA


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