About Us

In 2016 two postmen’s passion for craft beer and some grand ideas became Suds & Soda.

Josh and Tom have gained huge amounts of experience over the years travelling the World and drinking at some of the World’s best breweries.

In early 2017 an opportunity arose for Josh and Tom to own a brewery, Neon Raptor. They took it from being a cuckoo brewery to one of the UK’s top rated breweries. With Neon Raptor the ex-posties met and befriended brewers from across the World and even set up a beer festival in their home town of Derby to host some of them.

Utilising that experience and those connections they decided to launch Suds & Soda online, a webshop concentrating on the World’s best craft beer in one easy to use website at a fair price for all.

Josh and Tom have gone back to their postal routes to deliver the best craft beer to you.

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